The Butterfly Effect

How a small change can impact the whole world

March 17
11:30 - 16:00 CET
Aula Medica

Have you ever had one moment that you look back on now and think how big of an impact it had on your life? What if you dared to #believe in something impossible? Join us on a journey on how a small #act can #evolve into something incredible.

We are living in an ever changing world that requires innovative ideas that can tackle global challenges.

One butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the planet.

One person sharing an inspiring idea can cause far reaching changes for a better community and society.

Have you ever seen the butterfly effect in action? Our event will host talks that will show you how these moments actually happen around you all the time: How even small changes can create large, positive, and unpredictable impacts!


Anna Duberg

Physiotherapist and health sciences researcher

Alex Budak

Educator, author, and social entrepreneur

Doug Lansky

Tourism advisor, travel journalist, editor, and author

Wilma Emanuelsson

Offensive cybersecurity specialist and entrepreneur

Åsa Sandberg

Waste warrior, impact agent, and food waste expert

Oscar Sedholm

Behavioural scientist, writer, musician, and debater

Camilla Hamid

Cookbook author, home economics teacher, and TV chef

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What is TEDx?

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