The Butterfly Effect

How a small change can impact the whole world

Have you ever had one moment that you look back on now and think how big of an impact it had on your life? What if you dared to #believe in something impossible? Join us on a journey on how a small #act can #evolve into something incredible.

We are living in an ever changing world that requires innovative ideas that can tackle global challenges.

One butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the planet.

One person sharing an inspiring idea can cause far reaching changes for a better community and society.

Have you ever seen the butterfly effect in action? Our event will host talks that will show you how these moments actually happen around you all the time: How even small changes can create large, positive, and unpredictable impacts!


Anna Duberg

Physiotherapist and health sciences researcher

Anna Duberg (PhD) is a physiotherapist and health sciences researcher from Örebro University in Sweden. She is recognized for her dedication to improving youth health and her research on the stress-reducing benefits of dance. Anna has always been fascinated by the effects of movement on the body and is currently working as a research supervisor and innovation coach at Region Örebro County. She has also founded and developed her own innovation, “dance for health,” with support from Social Impact Lab and Örebro University. The approach emphasizes simplicity, movement enjoyment, resourcefulness, and social inclusion. Anna’s work has been recognized with awards for promoting youth health prevention, and her method is now implemented throughout Sweden as a cost-effective complement to school health care. Her research has translated into practical applications that touch the lives of thousands of young people, and her approach underscores the importance of embracing one’s self just as they are.

Alex Budak

Educator, author, and social entrepreneur

Alex Budak is an accomplished educator, author, and social entrepreneur who teaches his innovative changemaker curriculum to students, executives, and graduates at UC Berkeley and co-founded StartSomeGood, a platform that has helped over 1,200 changemakers in 50 countries raise millions of dollars to launch and scale new initiatives for social change. His book, Becoming a Changemaker, has been endorsed by Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, and his former students. Alex’s dedication to social entrepreneurship extends beyond his work at UC Berkeley and StartSomeGood; he led an incubator supporting social entrepreneurs in Sweden and has given lectures and keynotes around the world.

Doug Lansky

Tourism advisor, travel journalist, editor, and author

Doug Lansky is a highly regarded Stockholm-based tourism advisor whose extensive career as a travel journalist, editor, and author has seen him contribute to notable publications such as The Guardian, Lonely Planet, and Skift. He has presented at numerous prestigious venues and organizations, including National Geographic Headquarters, the United Nations World’s Tourism Organization, Google Travel, and over 100 destination organizations worldwide. With his vast knowledge and experience in the field of tourism, Doug is a sought-after speaker whose insights and perspectives are sure to captivate and inspire TEDxKI 2023 attendees.

Wilma Emanuelsson

Offensive cybersecurity specialist and entrepreneur

Wilma Emanuelsson is an offensive cybersecurity specialist, entrepreneur, and TEDxKI speaker who is passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams and make a difference. With a childhood dream of becoming the world’s best hacker, Wilma has achieved remarkable success and will share her insights on how pursuing your dreams can have a ripple effect on your life and the world around you in her talk. Wilma recently founded the deep-tech startup iTrack Reading, which is using technology to help people with dyslexia, automate language learning, and improve focus for those with ADHD. She is also proactively helping to protect companies and organizations from malicious attacks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in their systems. Wilma believes that we can all make a positive impact on the world by believing in our dreams, acting on our passions, and evolving as we go. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from this incredible young entrepreneur at TEDxKI!

Åsa Sandberg

Waste warrior, impact agent, and food waste expert

Åsa Sandberg, a Waste Warrior, Impact Agent, and Food Waste Expert, will be sharing her expertise on sustainability and food waste reduction at TEDxKI. With extensive experience as a business leader, entrepreneur, board member, and consultant, Åsa is committed to inspiring people to make more sustainable choices and create a better world. In her talk, Åsa will discuss how individuals, companies, and governments can collaborate to reduce food waste on a systemic level and make a significant impact on society and the environment. Her insights will inspire and motivate us all to take action towards a more sustainable future where we can believe in change, act on our convictions, and evolve with intention. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Åsa and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Oscar Sedholm

Behavioural scientist, writer, musician, and debater

Oscar Sedholm is a multi-talented Sámi indigenous behavioural scientist, writer, musician, and debater. He is dedicated to understanding and revitalizing the history and identity of his family and culture and working towards decolonization and cultural representation in Sweden. In his TEDxKI talk, he will share his insights on indigenous issues and inspire us to pursue positive change. We can all make a difference by taking small steps towards creating a world where indigenous ideas are a natural and respected part of Swedish society. Don’t miss out on Oscar’s inspiring talk and learn how to believe in the power of small steps, act on your interests, and evolve with purpose.

Camilla Hamid

Cookbook author, home economics teacher, and TV chef

Camilla Hamid is a renowned cookbook author, home economics teacher, and TV chef who started sharing her delicious recipes on Instagram in 2014. With over 1500 recipes, four books, and several TV shows, Camilla has amassed a following of over 530,000 people who enjoy her recipes daily. In her talk at TEDxKI, Camilla will share her inspiring story of how she made her dreams come true and built her sweet empire from scratch. She will talk about the power of innovation and how anyone can achieve their goals, no matter where they come from. Don’t miss Camilla’s talk at TEDxKI 2023, where she will inspire us to believe in ourselves, act on our dreams, and evolve with purpose.


William Paaso

Composer and musician

William Paaso is a 22-year-old composer and musician from Stockholm, known for his emotional and intricate compositions. With a background in classical piano, Paaso’s work now focuses on smaller ensembles and the church organ. His unique sound combines traditional classical music with contemporary styles, creating a powerful and engaging musical experience.

Cosmos & the Spacetime Experience

Three-person country band

Cosmos & the Spacetime Experience is a newly-formed three-person country band led by musician Anton Landefjord. Their unique sound combines Landefjord's signature bedroom synth-pop with twangy guitars and fiddle accompaniment. With Ivar Selling on bass and Arvid Barnö on fiddle, the band is performing songs from their latest album, "Jämtland and Back Again", at TEDxKI.


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